Piccolo House – Piccolo Office

Our homes carry our family name in every way. They are a testament to our passion, our commitment to quality and our vision to create exceptional homes where people love to live.

Piccolo has been a family company for half a century. Michael’s parents, Mima and Martin, founded the family business, building homes in suburban Melbourne. Having grown up with the family business, Michael took what he learned from his parents to evolve the company into the industry leading developer it is today.

Five decades on, with an award-winning portfolio of extraordinary homes,our ambition to be better is stronger than ever. We’re constantly deepening our understanding of how to create truly exceptional homes that stand the test of time – from considering the finest details to how they connect to their surrounds and form authentic communities.


Michael Piccolo is proud to continue representing his family’s values of craftsmanship, quality and an enduring commitment to the resident. This has been true from the very beginning and will be carried into the future.

Piccolo is constantly expanding to include our longstanding team members, and most importantly, the people that trust us to create their homes. Their futures. Their legacies.

Piccolo has created a Penthouse Office for an exciting future at the top of Piccolo House, South Melbourne. Bearing the attention to detail and considered elements that are the hallmarks of a Piccolo project – it’s the epitome of the Piccolo ethos.

Our people

Michael Piccolo

Michael Piccolo

Managing Director

 “When you build homes for people you become very close to them – you’re building their dream and bringing that to life. Even as we grow, I have always been determined not to lose that focus on our relationship with the Piccolo resident.”

Michael has evolved Piccolo into an industry-leading, award-winning boutique property developer and continues to set new standards of living. Backed by a team of dedicated and talented individuals who share his unwavering attention to detail and passion for beautiful design, Michael is driven to create spaces that inspire and homes people love to live in. By prioritising quality and architectural integrity above all else, he continues to redefine both beauty and luxury in Melbourne.

Michael carries the Piccolo name in every way and his imprint is on every aspect of the business. Though deeply passionate about design, he also closely oversees the planning and construction processes, guiding his team toward exceptional outcomes.

Delivering on every promise he makes, Michael personally hands over the keys to every new Piccolo home. He has built a strong sense of trust with his clients and a longstanding reputation for creating exceptional, timeless buildings beloved by residents and communities.

For Michael, Piccolo is his legacy and his life’s work.

Gaby Cilia

Gaby Cilia

Business Manager

Gaby has been part of the Piccolo team for many years – she not only lives the Piccolo values and vision, but has been passionately involved in developing them.

Though Gaby is involved in almost every aspect of Piccolo, these days she is focused on our build-to-rent offering at Piccolo House, liaising with agents and tenants alike to deliver ongoing, personalised service. Having played an important role in Piccolo’s past, Gaby is vital in positioning Piccolo for the future.

Ola Hensworth

Ola Hensworth

Chief Financial Officer

With nearly two decades at Piccolo, Ola knows how to offer exceptional accounting and client services in the property development sector – and in true Piccolo style goes above and beyond in pursuit of excellence.

Ola joined Piccolo, bringing with her a wealth of expertise in accounting and finance. Since her arrival, she has consistently raised the standards within the finance department, demonstrating an impressive level of proficiency. Notably, Ola has expanded her scope beyond finance, actively engaging in various facets of Piccolo’s operations.

She is heavily involved in Piccolo’s business strategy and has helped drive the direction and success of Piccolo. Her multifaceted involvement underscores her commitment to driving Piccolo’s direction and ensuring its sustained growth and achievement of organisational objectives.

Sharing the Piccolo values for authenticity, collaboration and integrity, as well as our commitment to creating something special, Ola has been pivotal in enhancing the lives of Piccolo’s residents.

Toby Earle

Toby Earle

Development Director

Having worked with Piccolo for almost two decades, our Development Director Toby has extensive international architectural experience and an in-depth knowledge of the industry, which is always a win for our residents.

Toby assumes the responsibility of overseeing consultants and builders to ensure alignment with our overarching vision for every Piccolo project.

Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in actively participating in the exploration of new prospective Piccolo projects.

Toby consistently endeavours to achieve optimal design outcomes, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to delivering designs of the utmost quality. His dedication extends to the creation of extraordinary homes that enhance and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. Toby manages consultants and builders to ensure our vision is shared by every person who touches a Piccolo project. He continues to strive toward good design outcomes, driven to deliver the highest quality design and create exceptional homes that enrich lives.

Richard Knight

Richard Knight

Senior Project Manager

Richard has a wealth of local and international experience in construction and development, having worked on some of Melbourne’s largest developments and major projects in the United Kingdom.

With an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in a successful outcome, Richard is passionate about delivering outstanding homes with enduring appeal. During his career, he has cultivated extensive experience in collaborating with diverse stakeholders, but finds his greatest satisfaction in providing a personalised service to individual clients, ensuring that not only their needs are met, but their home exceeds their every expectation.

Kate Italia

Kate Italia

Office Administrator & Support

Kate is responsible for the seamless, day-to-day operations of the Piccolo office. In her varied role, Kate liaises with contractors and suppliers and provides operational support to our team to allow delivery of exceptional design outcomes.

She also works closely with the property management team assisting in the build-to-rent offering at Piccolo House .

With a background in administrative support and a passion for home design, she brings flexibility, efficiency and enthusiasm to her role, making her a valued member of our team.

Piccolo Initiatives – Homes for Homes


Piccolo is proud to support Homes for Homes, an independent, not-for-profit Australian organisation seeking to end homelessness.

Since 2015, Homes for Homes has been raising the funds needed to establish more affordable housing in Australia by engaging community leaders and homeowners during the sale and re-sale of properties.

With Homes for Homes, a small 0.1% contribution from the sale or rent of a property translates into much-needed housing in Victoria. The organisation has already contributed to building 36 apartments in St Kilda, which now provide at-risk pregnant women access to temporary accommodation and support services from the Royal Women’s Hospital and Launch Housing.

Piccolo is delighted to have forged an ongoing relationship with Homes for Homes. To support the charity, we are committed to donating 0.1% of the sale price of every new home we sell from our Gore Street development. These funds will be used by Homes for Homes to address homelessness specifically in the City of Yarra.

We look forward to helping them achieve their goal of creating a better quality of life for marginalised members of our community and those living below the poverty line.

Watch this short video from Homes for Homes to learn more about the impact of their work.